Willow Steps - A Truth Too Big to See

From the minds that brought us Dear Indugu comes the five song A Truth Too Big to See. Jesse Strickman (acoustic guitar, lead vocals) and Leiya Mahoney (vocal harmony) pair in an airy, reflective, post-punk folk styling with contributions from Van Jackson-Weaver (Bass) and Graham Patzner (Violin). Collectively Willow Steps picks, slaps, and strums their way through heart-on-their-sleeve pains of love’s complications, intimate confessions, and realizations. The EP is the antithesis of today’s chaotic ramblings and thoughtless bantering. It is precise. It is rich. It is beautiful. 
- Nanobot Rock Reviews

Five-song EP released on CD in 2016 and Vinyl in 2017.

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Willow Steps - The Secret You Can't Bear to Keep

Willow Steps is a look into that which is romantic and beautiful about the "steps" we encounter in life. A concoction of Jesse Strickman (vocals, guitar) and Leiya Mahoney (vocals), the band is the bare-bones sound of guitar, vocals and some lucid instrumentation -- a step away from heavy production and a step toward the vulnerability of relying on lyrics and simple melodies. The Secret You Can't Bear To Keep is an audio novella documenting Strickman's relationship with one of his closest friends. A story of time, love, and heartbreak.
- The Bay Bridged

Three-song EP released on CD in 2015.

Available here on CD & immediate download!

Dear Indugu

The Oakland-based quartet takes many of the building blocks of folk and turns it on its head. There are a select few that understand how simple it is to create compelling music. It can be done with four instruments and a modicum of care put into the songwriting process. Jesse Strickman cares about the process and it shows in his work. 
- Nanobot Rock Reviews

Inside every human is a natural compulsion to the honest and the real. Oakland-based folk-rock band Dear Indugu embodies these primal desires in their lyrics and sound.
- Alameda Sun

Heartfelt songs and personal experiences amplified, with loads of instrumental breaks and well-laid song lyrics.
- Monterey County Weekly

Six-song EP released on CD in 2013.

Available here on CD & immediate download!