Music Video Premiered by The Bay Bridged!

My debut music video was premiered yesterday by the award-winning SF Bay Area music blog, The Bay Bridged. Read and watch away!

The song is about the pressure we put on ourselves to be successful (in career, reputation, romantic lives, fitness, hobbies, personal happiness etc) and how all that pressure can sometimes end up confining us, keeping us from feeling free. 

The video's produced by Shady Pines Media, an Indie production company in Portland OR, as part of their live series "In the Hollow". We filmed it during my debut tour that took us up the Pacific West Coast. In it you’ll see my accompanist Josh Michael performing vocal harmonies and some finger snapping. There are plenty of videos from my previous projects, but I’m excited to finally have one that showcases one of my new songs with the new sound of our acoustic duo. Enjoy!

Jesse Strickman