Recording Day 7: fiddle licks & string orchestra

I’m stoked to say my album now has violin all over it! We had a crazy productive ten hour session at Tiny Telephone studio in SF on Thursday, exclusively for violin! My friend Quiver Watts, singer of the Oakland-based Folk-Punk group Wayfairy, graced my songs with catchy fiddle licks and swooning swells.

Quiver also layered violin parts over each other, creating the sound of a rich string section. If you remember Day 5’s post where we recorded a “cello-orchestra” then you’ll know just how big of a sound we’re creating for the biggest moments on the album. The two most epic songs already have five or six layered cellos, in compositions written by amazing classically trained cellist Lewis Patzner. Just as planned, Quiver replayed the highest two or three cello parts here to give us the sound of a five to six person orchestra of violinists and cellists. When we isolated the strings on some of these sections and played them back, I literally felt water swelling in my eyes from the sheer beauty.

I sure am a lucky little singer/songwriter, getting to watch my song babies grow up so big in ways I’ve only dreamt about for years. Can’t wait to share this album with the world. Stay tuned! Upcoming are grand piano, more harmonies, and guitar cameos by former members of my old Indie Rock band Dear Indugu…