First Solo Tour!

I’m excited to embark on my first ever solo tour! Sure, I did one last year that was announced as my “Debut Solo Tour” but at the last moment my main-music-man Josh Michael hopped on to join me, singing harmonies. So despite the branding, this will be my first time on the road all by my lonesome! Growing up a shy kid, I’ve always been kinda scared to travel far without a friend. But I feel ready now and in fact I feel surprised it hasn’t happened before. I’ve always figured my music would probably lead me on some solo adventures and I’m glad to finally rip the band aid off and get acquainted with it! Besides I’m not going too far, just down to SoCal. But I wonder what experiences will open up on the road now that I’m the sole person picking how to spend my day times and my after-show-night-times. If anything extra cool happens, I’ll write a blog post about it. Feel free to follow my trails on instagram since I’ll definitely be posting snippets of my life on the road!