Recording day 14 & 15: Violist/Violinist from "American Idol" staff

Yesterday I had my second day of recording with a friend of a friend in LA, who also happens to be a string player for the TV shows “The Voice” and “American Idol”. She asked me not to share her name online so I won’t, but you’ll see her in the liner notes when my album comes out next year. She was amazing! Her playing almost made me cry. As I sat behind the soundboard with the engineer, we’d turn to each other every so often, muting the mic so as not to distract her playing, to say “she’s incredible.” I only booked her for one recording day originally, but she was so good I asked her for another. Now she’s all over half the tracks of my full-length album.

Now I just need to figure out how to get her to move from LA to Oakland, join my band, and clone herself so she can play viola AND violin at the same time at my shows. How to do this…. hmmmmm….

RecordingJesse Strickman