Cali Tour!

Well, so far so good on this Cali tour that started under a week ago! My music accompanist Josh Michael and I have played four shows in the past five days with none of them alike; We played in a restaurant, a brewery, a cafe, and a youth center. All of them were a ton of fun. We got to meet wonderfully warm people in Sacramento, Petaluma, and Sonoma.

We live in the Bay Area so we get to sleep in our beds one last time tonight before we head down the coast to play in Santa Barbara, Ventura, SLO, Morro Bay, LA, San Diego, Santa Cruz and back up to Bolinas and Hayward. See my tour page for a full list.

It’s a tiny bit scary playing in cities I haven’t played in before or haven’t played in, in years. But I feel alive and doing what I was put here to do. I’m giving each performance my all, challenging myself to engage the audience even when I’m feeling shy. So far we’ve been received super well at each show so I’m excited for the rest of the month! Next up is Santa Barbara tomorrow and I can’t wait because I’ve never been and I hear it’s a really cool area. Wish me luck!

TourJesse Strickman