Website Launch & Going Solo

Welcome to my new website! I've never had one dedicated to myself before. Sure, I've had band sites- but I've always been able to fasten myself to bandmates and hide behind a made up group name. There's something honest and scary about removing the shield of a band name and shifting the attention solely to the songwriter. I feel naked before you. 

You may have heard the concept that inspiration flows through us not from us. It comes from some eternal source and we are mere vessels to carry out that creativity. In that way, the music I present to you is not from me- I was just lucky enough to be chosen for it. I like this way of thinking because it feels less ego-y and self-congratulatory than taking all the credit for your art, as if you were the first person to ever write a love song or paint a mountain. I was not the first person to fall in love or appreciate a mountain. This is why I've pulled band names out of my butt my whole life and avoided performing under my own name.

But as my bands have grown and disintegrated through time like intricate sand castles, it somehow feels right for me to shed the facade of band names once and for all and get started on the most solid castle I have to offer: me. Of course, I will one day fade to dust just the same. But I bet I can last a little longer than a fleeting band. So I guess, welcome to the beginning of my solo music career. I hope I can sustain your interest without the excitement of a group or the flashiness of a band name. I'm ready to be humbled by the experience.